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I’ve always been interested in people and understanding why people think and behave in the way they do.  This inspired me to study Social Psychology (Bsc) and work in the charity sector.  


 I encountered my own mental health crisis in 2011 when I suffered work burn out which led to depression. When the depression kept recurring I sought help from a therapist. Getting insight into myself was life changing and helped me to make the changes I needed. My journey is what inspired me to retrain as a therapist. ​


 After 12 years working in various roles in the charity sector, I now work as a freelance counsellor both privately and for organisations, as well as sharing insights from therapy.   


Social justice has always been a big passion of mine. Part of my working week involves overseeing a small charity which works to remove obstacles to poverty and help people flourish. ​


 Originally from Northern Ireland I moved to Oxford in 2010.  I am a Christian but the majority of people I work with are from all different faith backgrounds, or none. ​


 I work with a range of issues, the most common being: anxiety, depression, inferiority feelings, relationship issues, grief and self improvement work.    



   ​*I am  a member of ASIIP and BACP and have my own insurance.*​

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