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I’ve always been interested in people and understanding why people think and behave in the way they do.  This inspired me to study Social Psychology. I then went on to work in the charity sector for 12 years working with teenagers, refugees, people experiencing poverty and addiction. In both helping and leadership roles. During that time I trained as a therapist. I've had a private practice for the past 3 years. 

 I encountered my own mental health crisis in 2011 when I suffered work burn out which led to depression. When the depression kept recurring I sought help from a therapist. Getting insight into myself was life changing and helped me to make the changes I needed. My journey and experience of Adlerian therapy is what inspired me to want to train in this approach

Social justice has always been important to me. I'm passionate about finding solutions to the mental health crisis in the UK and helping people understand the role that society plays in mental health. Part of my working week involves overseeing a small charity which works in my local community to remove the barriers caused by poverty and help people flourish. ​This includes a free listening service for those who can't afford private therapy and are suffering from long waiting lists in the NHS. 


Originally from Northern Ireland I moved to Oxford in 2010.  I am a Christian but the majority of people I work with are from all different faith backgrounds, or none. ​

   ​*I am  a member of ASIIP and BACP and have my own insurance.*​

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What is Adlerian Therapy? 

Adlerian therapy is based on the theory of the psychologist Alfred Adler. He believed that we are not determined by what happens to us but rather by the meanings that we give to things. This is a very hopeful approach as it means that it is possible to change how we think and how we experience life. 

Adlerian therapy involves looking at childhood to understand the WHY behind your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It will help you overcome any sense of inferiority and find the courage to create a more meaningful life. 

In sessions we'll try to get to the roots of the issue by look at early memories. This insight will help you to change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour. All of this runs hand in hand with strategies and tips to help you manage day to day. 

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