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"I've had a number of counsellors over the years but I found the real difference in working with Judy was being able to move past the more superficial themes in my life. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and my own personal experiences, I have often struggled with a sense of not belonging. I never felt judged by Judy, and at emotionally uncomfortable times I felt safe and understood. Judy helped me understand myself better leaving me more equipped to face life's challenges."
37 year old male 

"I have found my sessions with Judy so helpful and educational. Not only have I learnt more about my mental health but I've discovered new ways of helping myself in difficult situations. She's a great listener and offers the best help and situation. I feel safe and feel like I'm talking to a friend rather than a counsellor."
21 year old female 

''Judy is engaging, understanding and provides sound advice that allows you to consider your feelings and actions and how these interactions affect yourself and others. This allowed me to learn about myself and others and consider how best to approach challenging situations in life. 
Judy enabled me to assess time allocations in life and to recognise the importance of taking time for self-understanding and awareness. Greater awareness has allowed me to improve my relationships with others and enabled me to re-prioritise elements of my life. ''
36 year old male

"Judy helped me work through a difficult period in my life when my wife died and I became a single parent. She was able to make sure that I was focussing on myself as much as the children. I always looked forward to our sessions and came away each time with new ideas and new approaches which made my life easier. I can highly recommend Judy to everyone!"
50 year old male

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