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Are you finding life hard? Are you struggling with your thoughts and emotions? Are you feeling overwhelmed

or stuck or hopeless? 


Then you've come to the right place. 

I'm Judy, an Adlerian Therapist. 


I specialise in helping people overcome feelings of inferiority (which lie at the heart of many of our problems in life), and feel more content. I believe that exploring the WHY behind your thoughts, feelings and behaviour will help you understand yourself in a way that allows you make the changes you need. 

My goal is for you to feel less alone and more hopeful. 

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Ways of working with me


Regular 1:1 Therapy 

Meet me for weekly or fortnightly sessions in my

beautiful garden office. Or connect from the comfort of your own home and work online. 

Mental Health MOT

Want to work on your emotional health but don't feel the need for ongoing therapy?


Try my 90 minute one off Mental Health MOT. 

Workshops and Training

I'm available for workshops and and training. 

Online courses coming soon - watch this space. 

Anxiety      Depression & Low mood      Self-Esteem       Grief & Loss              Chronic Illness       Stress & Burnout       Identity issues             

Life Transitions      Lack of purpose or direction       Relationship Issues          

My areas of expertise include: 

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